Today ITV2 unveils a new dating show, ​Secret Crush​, made by Naked Television (a Fremantle company).

In this 20 x 60” series lovestruck singletons who’ve been harbouring feelings from afar finally reveal their hidden passion to their unknowing crush.

Whether they’ve been secretly dreaming of dating their best friend, colleague or gym buddy, it’s time for the lovelorn to publicly admit the desires they’ve been keeping bottled up.

But will their affections be reciprocated? Is love going to blossom? Or should their secret crush have actually stayed secret? For the four hopefuls in each episode, it’s time to find out.

Admirers from all walks of life will secretly invite their crush to join them, agreeing to be filmed as they declare their true feelings. The other person will be told before filming that someone in their life secretly likes them but won’t find out who it is until the moment they walk into the date. Honest revelations, shocked faces, tears of relief, and potential new relationships could all be in store.

Secret Crush​, ​based on the Naked original format Secret Admirer, which has been adapted by Fremantle in multiple series in the US and Europe​, was commissioned by Paul Mortimer, Head of Digital Channels and Acquisitions and Peter Tierney, Commissioning Editor for ITV2.

Executive Producer Tom O’Brien, Naked Television​ said: “We can’t wait to get producing Secret Crush for the team at ITV2. It’s full of heart-in-your-hands confessions, humour, and unbelievable stories, all to the flutter of cupid’s tiny wings.”

ITV’s Head of Digital Channels and Acquisitions, Paul Mortimer said: “ITV2’s audience will hopefully be enthralled by this wonderful format that propels potential relationships to a must-watch crunch point. As stories unfold and viewers eavesdrop on heart-felt conversations, they’ll witness laughter (and maybe some tears) but, crucially, the blossoming of new love in each episode.”

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